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Incoterms® in 2023: A quick guide

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Incoterms® in 2023: A quick guide


Download this infographic to learn more about Incoterms®, what they're used for and how they are grouped. 

When beverages are traded and transported, the terms of sale agreement entered into by the seller and the buyer is derived from a universal set of rules known as Incoterms®.

The choice of term that is used assigns responsibilities to the buyer or the seller, determines who does what, and points out the associated legal obligations for each party.


Follow the rules

Every 10 years, the ICC published a revised set of the International Commercial Terms. Being aware of these rules will ensure you are fully aware of your legal responsibilities and liabilities. In this infographic you will find: 

When it comes to trading and transporting beverages, make sure you're in the know. 

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